Charles Moffat's Quest to trade up to a Condo

I came across Charles Moffat's blog "My Search for a Home" when browsing websites about Toronto real estate. His site is basically a real estate news commentary blog, but it also serves a 2nd purpose.

He is looking to get a property of his own, and like many young first time home buyers he is worried about how he is going to purchase his home.

However Moffat's blog had a different approach. He doesn't want to purchase a house. Instead he is looking to BARTER for it by trading one item for another and then another and keep trading up until he eventually gets a condo (apparently he just likes condos). He called his plan "My Quest for a Condo".

He started with a Hot Wheels 2008 Dodge Challenger. A toy, but an interesting start to his quest.

I was struck by the novelty of it. It was a fascinating idea. So I emailed him at (I was impressed by his email address too) and proposed a trade.

I had in my possession a Mastercraft Digital Multimeter Kit that I didn't really need and knowing I would also get advertising from Moffat's blog for trading with him I figured it was a very good investment of my time and would increase my closet space.

We met, we made the trade and I've been very happy with it. I think I lucked out by getting in on his quest early on and it is apparently now going viral with him getting newspaper interviews and being on CBC Radio. He has already traded away what I gave him for a bicycle (from a toy car to a bicycle in 2 trades is pretty impressive) and is currently working on his next bigger trade.

According to his estimates it will take maybe 17 to 30 trades to get a condo.

I say MORE POWER TO HIM. Savvy people like that who take something small, add a lot of ambition and turn it into something amazing deserves the attention and to succeed.

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